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FengShui consultation fee schedule

Service fee is based on floor plan assessment.

Clients are to email the floor plan to us. We will then furnish an official quotation and email back to client for their considerations.  The service fees are rang from $1674 to a few thousands dollars for commercial offices, depending on the area and complexity of the interior structure.  Fees for special projects such as a theme park or a town site can be as high as five to six figures.

Fee of annual FengShui review for commercial properties is $1524.

Email for a consultation fee quotation at:

HDB Flats

HDB Public Housing Estate Residential Service Fee Schedule

HDB 3-room flat 〞每每每每每每每每每每每 $1010

HDB 4-room flat 〞每每每每每每每每每每每 $1266

HDB 5-room flat 〞每每每每每每每每每每每 $1524

HDB Executive flat每每每每每每每每每每每 $1770

Annual FS review 每每每每每每每每 $1010

Private Houses

Private Residential Service Fee Schedule

Private condominium 每每每每每每每每每每 $2298Terrace house 〞每每每每每每每每每每每每每 $2572Bungalow house 〞每每每每每每每-每每每每 $3348

Annual FS review 每每每每每每每每 $1266

Commercial Properties

※Feng Shui is an experiential science.
It is an analysis based on advance-analogy.§


For those who are choosing houses and do not need a detail FemgShui assessment, the one-time on-site survey fee is $198

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