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Genuine Practice Proof policy :
A FREE pre-sales FengShui comment service for premises that are currently occupied

FengShui is new to many people and some of them regarded it as a myth or a superstitious. In order to proof them wrong, I am willing to offer a pre-calculations FengShui services for checking any existing premises that potential clients are living or working in it now, for free of charge!

FengShui is an experiential science.  It was developed by the people in China along the course of struggling for survival, and hence it is a practical practice for improving life through  improving our environment. Therefore I urge those that have a misconception about FengShui to open their mind and experiment and feel its influence to our living and working environment. We assured you that you will be benefited from  it as it enhances your wealth and health, and achieving a better harmonious environment.


To participate on the GPP program, the premise has to be one that you are currently living or working in it. That way you can then assess the accuracy of my analogy.  Not applicable to  any new premise that you plan to buy or rent as you have not experience the effect of living and working in that premise. Just submit your floor plan and draw a bearing arrow on it C indicating the NORTH direction of your premise, with the birth dates of the residents or workers. I will be able to give you a brief account of how it affecting the residents or workers in this premise. Please take note that the accuracy of my calculations depending on the accuracy of the NORTH indications and other interior factors.


Now you have a chance to proof genuine fengshui practice before you engage our services, test us by email your floor-plan to:

Genuine Practice Proof:  GPP is a pre-sales free service that evaluate your current premise for proving to you that our services are genuine practices. It is only applicable for premise that you are currently living or working in, therefore you can examine the accuracy of our assessment.